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Second Opinion LIVE!
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 Second Opinion LIVE!

 Did you have a reaction to penicillin when you were a child, and now have a “Penicillin Allergy” sticker on your medical chart? Have you ever thought about getting re-tested as an adult to see if you are truly allergic? Our guest, Dr. Allison Ramsey, suggests that there are good personal and public health reasons to be re-tested, and also safe ways. Having an allergy label to antibiotics, local anesthesia, IV contrast and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs all affect the care you receive. We will talk in-depth about drug allergies, and how they affect your health.

  Our guest:

Allison Ramsey, MD

Allison C. Ramsey, MD

Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Rochester Regional Health
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry 



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