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Overdose Community Toolkit
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Public television and radio stations around the country are working in their local communities to draw attention to the opioid epidemic and the problems associated with addiction.

If you are participating in those efforts, Second Opinion is here to help.  On this page you will find a list of  links to Second Opinion episodes dealing with addiction, video clips that can start conversations in a community forum and a chance to share your efforts on the topic of addiction.

Related Second Opinion Episode Content

Drug Overdose (Half Hour)
Just 8 weeks after the loss of their son, Mary and Joe Mullin share Patrick's story and battle with addiction.Joe and Mary Mullin with Lisa Harris

Opioid to Heroin Addiction
Cynthia Scudo's, a grandmother of 20, shares her journey from hip pain to a 9 year addiction to heroin.Second Opinion Panel

Addiction to Pain Medications
Jennifer Matesa shares her story of the darkest days of her addiction to her recovery.

Second Opinion Panel

Addiction is a brain disease.  Its causes are complex but its results are clear.

Season 4 Set

Conversation Starters

Downloadable videos on the left side of this page can be used to open communication about addiction and overdose. 

The topics for these clips are:

Opioid Use
Opioids are a class of drugs that include prescription pain medications such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine, fentanyl and others. What are the risk factors for opioid addiction? When is it appropriate to be prescribed opioid pain medications, and what role do doctors play in the addiction epidemic?

What is Addiction?
Pain medications, when prescribed and used properly, can be an appropriate way to treat pain. But use can turn to abuse and addiction. What is addiction, and why do some people become addicted, and some people don’t?

Heroin Addiction
Heroin is opioid based just as many pain medications are. But heroin is much cheaper than prescription drugs. For people addicted to opioid pain medications, heroin can become a much cheaper way of achieving their high.

What Does Addiction Feel Like?
While many assume that people who are addicted to drugs are out partying and having fun, once addiction takes over a person’s life, everything changes. Hear one woman describes what is feels like to be in the throes of addiction.

Addiction Treatment
It is very difficult for someone to revover from drug addiction without proper treatment. This is a multi-step approach, and it is important that the patient goes through all of the steps and gets the level of care necessary in order to become clean for life.

Heroin Overdose
It is heartbreaking to hear a story about a person who relapses after going through addiction treatment. Oftentimes when a person relapses, they go back to using the last dose that they took before they went through rehab. Heroin overdose is becoming more common is every part of the U.S. 

Find a list of your station’s efforts here:



Kentucky has the third-highest drug overdose death rate in the United States. KET is working to elevate awareness of the complex issues that surround this public health crisis through the Inside Opioid Addiction initiative. Funded in part by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, this initiative explores the many dimensions of this crisis and pathways toward solutions. Learn More



Louisiana Public Square, in its thirteenth season, this program’s format is a citizen roundtable discussion followed by Q&A with a panel of experts. “Opiates & the Bayou State.” This episode features family members who lost loved ones to addiction as well as community activists that are pushing for the availability of Narcan over-the-counter. Learn More

This multi-media collaboration between WMHT and the Times Union, “The Dragon Lives Here,” puts a human face on the heroin epidemic. In videos, photographs and articles, the impact of heroin addiction is told in their own words by recovering heroin addicts, medical staff, law enforcement, government officials and families who are battling this destructive drug. 



Addiction to heroin and opioid pharmaceuticals has become a growing epidemic in Rochester, New York State, and across the country. Find stories, pod casts and more at


What is your public television station doing to inform your viewers about addiction? Let us know. Email Shelley Figueroa at [email protected]