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Panelist: Allen Steere, MD
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Allen Steere, MD

Episodes in which Allen Steere, MD appears

Principal Investigator, Center for Immunology & Inflammatory Diseases
Massachusetts General Hospital 

Dr. Steere is a medical researcher and physician who is internationally recognized for his studies of Lyme disease. Dr. Steere's training was at Columbia University in New York. In 1976, while a post-doctoral fellow at Yale, he and his colleagues described Lyme arthritis. During his faculty period at Yale and subsequently at Tufts, he detailed the clinical features of Lyme disease, identified the spirochetal etiology of the infection in human patients, developed serologic, culture and PCR tests for diagnosis, conducted antibiotic trials, and was principal investigator of the SmithKline Beecham Phase III Lyme disease vaccine trial. Dr. Steere currently serves as Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director of Translational Research in Rheumatology at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he studies Lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

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