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Panelist: Amity Hall
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Episodes in which Amity Hall appears

Exercise Specialist
FlowFitness Inc.

Amity Hall is an exercise science specialist, who began her work at Mt. Sinai hospital in Manhattan working to increase strength, mobility and independent function in a geriatric population. Since then, she and business partner, Marc Grabisch, began a fitness company "Flow Fitness", that specializes in encouraging strength gain and exercise in the 50+ population. The company has set up training programs in various fitness facilities in the NY metro area, Long Island, and Rochester, NY, demonstrating how a sedentary population can be motivated to become active and physically fit. They are the current facility managers of "The Center For Lifetime Wellness", a fitness center in Rochester, NY designed to cater to an older adult population. "Flow Fitness" also specializes in race production, and has organized different venues such as an annual "Fit at Fifty " sprint Triathlon, and 5k road races. Amity's goal is to encourage people no matter of age or fitness background, to stay healthy, strong, functionally independent, and thus for them to realize how this will mentally and physically transform their lives.  Amity's own athletic background includes; division I All-American swimmer at The University of California at Berkeley, Olympic trials qualifier, and currently competes as an elite Triathlete around the country.

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