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Panelist: Amneris E. Luque, MD
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Episodes in which Amneris E. Luque, MD appears

Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, AIDS Center
University of Rochester Medical Center

Dr. Luque has taught at the University of Rochester School of Medicine in New York since 1989, where she is currently an assistant professor of medicine. Dr. Luque also serves as medical director at the Strong Memorial Hospital AIDS Center.

Dr. Luque is firmly dedicated to the rapidly changing field of researching and managing HIV infection, particularly in women. Luque has been a member of the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute's Medical Care Criteria Committee (MCCC) since 1996 and was elected vice-chair in July 2001. This committee, composed of recognized experts in clinical HIV care, is charged with the responsibility for development of standards of medical care for adults and adolescents exposed to, or infected with, HIV. Dr. Luque is said to have a talent for translating new developments into practical guidance and has been a major contributor to the guidelines for adults.

As chair of the Committee for the Care of Women with HIV Infection of the Department of Health, New York State AIDS Institute since 2001, Luque has made numerous presentations about managing the care of women with HIV and hopes to make antiretroviral drug therapy more widely available.

Since 1997, she has also served as a mentor and preceptor for several AIDS scholars in the AIDS Institute's Nicholas A. Rango HIV Clinical Scholars Program. Dr. Luque has been on the Advisory Committee since 1999. The Visiting Nurse Service in Rochester named Luque Distinguished Physician of the Year in 1995, and she was awarded a leadership fellowship by the National Hispanic Medical Association in 2000, which gave her a new perspective on the politics of health care and the possibility of changing lives through legislation.

Dr. Luque has raised two sons and, like many women professionals, has had to strive to balance her professional and family responsibilities.

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