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Panelist: Anna Sproul-Latimer
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Anna Sproul-Latimer

Literary Agent

Anna Sproul-Latimer is a writer and literary agent based in Washington, D.C. Her freelance articles include several pieces on her experience of pregnancy and childbirth, including this ode to her first Caesarean section. Outside of her 1.75 pregnancies (and counting—2nd baby due shortly), she has absolutely no expertise in these matters and encourages you to please for the love of God turn to your doctors and not her for medical advice.

If you’re a writer of adult nonfiction interested in publishing a book, Anna might be more helpful. She writes and represents writers driven by curiosity, and she particularly loves learning about medicine and the human body. Feel free to get in touch with her on Twitter @annasproul.

When she’s not attending book fairs, speaking at writers’ conferences, or traveling up to New York with her clients, Anna enjoys hanging out with her growing family and wandering around old cemeteries.

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