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Panelist: Carol Levine
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Director, Families and Health Care Project
United Hospital Fund, New York City
Author, "Always on Call" and "The Culture of Caregiving"
New York, NY

Carol Levine joined the United Hospital Fund in New York City in October 1996 where she directs the Families and Health Care Project. This project focuses on developing partnerships between health care professionals and family caregivers, who provide most of the long-term and chronic care to elderly, seriously ill, or disabled relatives. Ms. Levine also directs The Orphan Project: Families and Children in the HIV Epidemic, which she founded in 1991.

Ms. Levine was director of the Citizens Commission on AIDS in New York City from 1987-91. As a senior staff associate of The Hastings Center, she edited the Hastings Center Report. In 1993 she was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship for her work in AIDS policy and ethics.

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