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Panelist: CathyAnn Howes
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Episodes in which CathyAnn Howes appears

Educational Administrator
Hypertension Patient

CathyAnn Howes describes her life as adventurous. As Past President and life-time member of the NYS Outdoor Education Association, she's an outdoor educator, enthusiast and environmental advocate.  She's traveled solo, camping in the Andes in Ecuador, the Galapagos, Hawaiian Islands and closer to home in the Rockies, Hudson Bay area, and Eastern Sierra Mountains.  She's a novice, although a trophy holder, in track and ice race car driving, and was a chief crew for a vintage '64 Mini Cooper for several years. Her passion is project management, training, and program design and development, which she's honed through many opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Currently, as a Chief Education Administrator for NYS Developmental Disabilities Service Office in the Finger Lakes, CathyAnn oversees the school program she created in a residential treatment setting, and works with the 86 school systems in the ten county district on behalf of school-aged children. Managing hypertension over the past two decades has been a challenge in adjusting to healthful, compatible lifestyle choices and seeking a good match with medications in partnership with her medical team. Having accomplished the balance, hypertension does not impact her quality of life at play, all day, everyday!

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