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Panelist: Connie Bentley
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Connie Bentley

Hypertension Patient

Connie Bentley is a University of Arizona graduate with degrees in both mathematics and Economics. After a brief stent in the banking industry, she began her career in weight training and exercise physiology. She then founded Bentley Progressive Training, which specialized in exercise and weight training for professional athletes.

Upon the birth of her first child, Connie was diagnosed with moderate hypertension of 140/90. One year before suffering a stroke, her doctor prescribed beta - blockers for her hypertension.  However, the drug caused fatigue and Connie discontinued their use without seeking alternative medication.  Soon after, Connie suffered a massive ischemic stroke leaving her entire left side paralyzed.  After a year of self-directed physical therapy, Connie was back to playing tennis, hiking and lifting light weights. 

Connie is a supporter of the American Heart Association and gives talks on the dangers of hypertension. Her motto: “Exercising is like putting money in the bank, you never know when you need to make a withdrawal.”

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