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Panelist: Davin Brigman
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Episodes in which Davin Brigman appears

Welder and Stroke Survivor

Davin is a  32-year-old welder  who lives with his wife and two children His life was jeopardized by a stroke which began as he was walking to his parents' house and felt a "bad headache" coming on. He'd had migraines before and thought this was just the beginning of one more head-splitting attack. This time, however, he began feeling numb along his right side.

Arriving at his parents' house, Brigman called his wife. She listened to his symptoms and insisted he go to the hospital. By the time they had driven the 10 miles to Pioneer's Memorial in nearby Brawley, Brigman was paralyzed along the whole right side of his body - a major indicator of stroke.

At the hospital, the emergency room doctors were able to confirm the stroke diagnosis quickly enough to give Brigman a new medication that dissolves blood clots and restores blood flow to oxygen-starved brain cells. Today, Brigman is almost completely recovered.

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