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Panelist: Dorothy Boyer
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Macular Degeneration Patient

Dorothy Boyer, 89 years young, has been treated for macular degeneration since 2002. Dorothy was a homemaker, and had various jobs while her children were growing up. At age 60,she worked as a friendly visitor to the elderly through Monroe County. She was the chairman of the Arthritis Support Group for 19 years. Sustaining her independent living is very important to her. She continues to enjoy sewing, gardening, and cooking. One of her ongoing projects is making walker bags for residents of local nursing homes and cage pads for cats at Lollipop Farm.

Since being diagnosed with Macular Degeneration 5 years ago, Dorothy has actively pursued treatment.  She now has partial peripheral vision in her left eye, and maintaining normal vision in her right. She has had several photosensitive laser treatments, and injections of cortisone, and avisten over the years.  She sees her retinologist approximately every 8-10 weeks.

Dorothy has made many adaptations in her life style to maintain her independent.  Most important, she says, is don't be afraid to ask for help from family, friends, or neighbors.  Most often they would be glad to help if they knew.

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