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Panelist: Dr. Lynn Blackburn
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Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Pediatric  Epilepsy Center,  St. Louis Children's Hospital

Dr. Blackburn is Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine.  Dr. Blackburn works with the full gamut of childhood epilepsy, from children with well-controlled seizures who have encountered learning problems, to children with poorly controlled seizures proceeding through surgical intervention, and children with intractable epilepsy who are not surgical candidates.  Dr. Blackburn serves on the Professional Advisory Board for the Epilepsy Foundation of the St. Louis Region, working with the Epilepsy Foundation in the production of workshops and educational pamphlets for parents and adolescents. In 2003, Dr. Blackburn published Growing Up With Epilepsy: A Practical Guide for Parents.  This book is intended to help parents take charge of their child's epilepsy, giving parents the tools to maximize their child's academic progress, social development, and emotional adjustment.  In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Blackburn has conducted research involving the effects of intractable epilepsy on intellectual development, the effects of seizures and medication on neuropsychological test performance, and the contribution of neuropsychological procedures to the medical evaluation of children for neurosurgical treatment of their epilepsy.

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