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Panelist: Edward Smith
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Episodes in which Edward Smith appears

Retired Information Technology (IT) Professional

Prostate Cancer Patient

Below is panelist Ed Smith's personal story about battling Prostate Cancer.


Ed worked at Bausch and Lomb from 1959 until 2001 as an IT professional.  He worked in the profession before there were computers, we worked with punched cards.  He went from an IT clerk to a manager, and ended his career as the Manager of Records Management in IT.  He has been married since February of 1964 and has 4 children, 3 daughters and a son.  They also have 4 grandchildren.     


Smith began seeing a doctor in 2001 for several months with a bloating problem and it was discovered that he was not emptying his bladder properly due to an enlarged prostate.  Surgery was preformed in October 2001, and at that time it was discovered that he had prostate cancer. Smith's  PSA blood tests never indicated cancer. They were all below 4.0.  Smith and his wife were told there were several courses of action for treatment.  One was do nothing and keep checking, the second was radiation therapy, the third was radioactive seeds and the fourth was a radical prostatectamy.  With his wife's help he decided the best course of action was removal of the prostate.  He both knew that the side effects of the surgery were 2% chance of incontinence and a 50% to 75% chance of impotence.  Smith and his wife decided on surgery.  The results were incontinence and partial impotence.  He has been cancer-free since the surgery and today believes his choice of surgery was the right one for him.

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