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Panelist: Edwin B. Fisher, PhD
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Episodes in which Edwin B. Fisher, PhD appears

Global Director, Peers for Progress
American ACAD of Family Physicians FDN
Professor, Gillings School of Public Health
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Focusing on health behavior for the past 25 years, Ed Fisher’s research has examined prevention, chronic disease management, and psychosocial factors in asthma, cancer, diabetes, and smoking with a strong emphasis on extensions to disadvantaged populations. His work has also emphasized peer and community interventions and, connected to these, key characteristics of social support in health and well being. He currently serves as National Program Director for the Diabetes Initiative of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Initiative uses an ecological approach to integrate individual, group, organizational, and community influences on self management in fourteen primary care and community settings serving disadvantaged populations. He currently serves as President-Elect of the Society of Behavioral Medicine and as Treasurer of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine.

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