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Panelist: Emmi Herman
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Emmi Herman


Emmi S. Herman is a children's author of numerous multi-cultural, early reader and read-aloud books as well as a writer of teacher and classroom support materials. Her own childhood experience with measles in her family before the vaccination was available, and the growing outbreaks due to vaccine refusal, prompted her to write Measles And My Sister, a vivid account that describes the effect of this brutal disease.

In 2015, she was invited to share her story at the annual meeting of the Measles & Rubella Initiative in Washington, D.C. Her wish is to reach widespread vaccine hesitant groups with her story about the importance of protecting all children from vaccine-preventable diseases so that no child or family has to endure the life-long hardships that stem from contracting this childhood disease. Contact: [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @GremmiEmmi

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