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Panelist: Helen Dearman
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Helen Dearman received her undergraduate degree from Loma Linda University, School of Allied Health Professions in the Department of Respiratory Care. Ms. Dearman has chronic pain from a fall of four stories that resulted in a broken back in three places. For a 15-year period, her fractures were undetected, and she learned how to live with chronic pain. To date, her treatments have been varied, including 9 back surgeries and an intrathecal drug infusion pump. Her personal experiences with pain led her to start and become the Executive Director of the National Chronic Pain Society. This organization is dedicated to helping people with chronic pain through support groups, newsletters, a weekly international internet radio show (Pain Tamers on Voice America), and patient conferences (Houston's first patient-oriented "Living with Chronic Pain" conference with Keynote Speakers Jerry Lewis and Patch Adams), and lecturing/teaching.

In her leadership role with this organization, she has participated in numerous activities that include: Medtronic, Inc.'s media training with Jerry Lewis for the Tame the Pain campaign; task force member to the Texas Medical Center Pain and Palliative Care Group; and speaker at state press conferences addressing the preferred drug list for Medicaid patients and legislation regarding Medicaid patients and their ability to receive pain medication. She is a guest faculty on an interdisciplinary pain course offered by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. She also has been featured in the March-April, 2004, issue of FDA Consumer Magazine, Managing Chronic Pain and in the Spring 2006 issue of PainView, the American Society of Pain Educators. She is co-authoring a book titled Written for the Person with Pain.

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