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Panelist: Henry Greenberg, M.D.
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Henry Greenberg, M.D.

Episodes in which Henry Greenberg, M.D. appears

Cardiology, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Columbia University

Henry Greenberg, M.D. is a clinical cardiologist at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in New York City.  He is an Associate Director of Cardiology and an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.  In addition to these activities, he has been involved in global health and cardiac prevention for many yeas.  He was a Peace Corps Physician in Africa early in his career and more recently has been a participant in continuing medical education programs in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation.  These interests have come together in a recent project at the Earth Institute at Columbia University where he was a contributing author of  A Race Against Time, a study of the macroeconomic impact of heart disease in emerging economies.  Dr. Greenberg has been active at the New York Academy of Sciences, serving on the Board of Governors for 10 years, including a term as Chairman.  Many years ago Dr. Greenberg taught a course in medicine for the lay public at New York's New School for Social Research, making Second Opinion is like a second home; the right program at the right time.

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