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Panelist: Jeanine Thomas
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Patient and National Spokesperson for MRSA
Founder of MRSA Survivor's Network
Willowbrook, IL

Founder of MRSA Survivors Network, National 
Spokesperson for MRSA and a MRSA Expert

Ms. Thomas founded MRSA Survivors Network in early 2003 due to having been critically ill with a MRSA infection contracted during a routine surgery and nearly died. MRSA Survivors Network was the first consumer organization to ring the alarm about the MRSA epidemic to state and federal health officials in the U.S.

Her organization works with leading research scientists that study MRSA and world-renowned MRSA experts (epidemiologists). She works to increase funding for MRSA research, educates and raises awareness to organizations and consumers, gives support to survivors and family members affected by MRSA.

Ms. Thomas was the first person to initiate mandated (universal) screening for MRSA in January, 2006 in the Illinois State Senate. She initiated legislation again in January, 2007, - The MRSA Screening and Reporting Act which mandates screening for MRSA in all Illinois hospitals for ICU and at risk patients and was signed into law by Governor Blagojevich in Aug. 20, 2007, making Illinois the first state to pass and enact mandated screening in the U.S.

Ms. Thomas works on a federal level with her U.S. congress members on MRSA issues and works also on an international level with health organizations.

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