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Panelist: Josselynn Surridge
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Josselynn Surridge

Episodes in which Josselynn Surridge appears

Josselynn Surridge is a 13 year old transgender girl, spunky daughter, and amazing big sister to her baby sister.  She resides in upstate NY with her mother and family.  Josselynn began her journey unbeknownst to her mother when she was about 3 or 4 years old, and progressively became more and more consistent, persistent, and  insistent about her true gender identity as the years passed.  In 2010 her authentic self began to emerge and since then she has blossomed into an amazing young lady.  Josselynn is currently in the honors program in her high school and is a competitive dancer.  Living as a girl has been the best medicine for Josselynn and she is flourishing!

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