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Panelist: Joyce Shaffer, PhD
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Global Bicyclist & Author

Throughout more than 40 years in healthcare Dr. Joyce has stayed at the cutting edge of science. Since 1982 she has served as an expert in psychiatric and medical matters for the University of Washington and other courts. Dr. Joyce excels at bringing hard scientific data alive so you enjoy its benefits.

She has academic and nonacademic publications with two recent books:
Secrets inside Bones, Brains & Beauty™ is on osteoporosis.

Ideal Aging™: 7 Steps to Keep Your Brain Fit

Ideal Aging®: 5 Steps to Keep Your Brain Fit, the second edition, is the definitive text on how to Keep Your Brain Fit™.

Bicycling for all of 2000 with the O2K trek that averaged 80 miles a day in 45 countries on 6 continents, Dr. Joyce is a testament to Ideal Aging.

Dr. Joyce enjoys a pivotal role as the spokesperson for Ideal Aging™. She weaves life and laughter into this deliciously empowering message so you can improve your performance. She blends new neuroscience findings into simple steps with benefits that are so desirable that people often say: “She changed my whole life!”
© Joyce Shaffer, PhD

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