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Panelist: Judy Orem
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Judy Orem

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Judy Orem
Wife, Mother and Grandmother
Lewis and Clark College BS
Portland State University MS
Diagnosed with CML in Dec 1995

Judy was the 9th person on the Phase I Trial for Gleevec at OHSU (Oregon Health and Science Univ.).  She has the distinction as the longest continuous patient on Gleevec.

Judy twice reviewed grant proposals for the Department of Defense for CML.

She has been written about in: The Majic (Cancer) Bullet by Dr. Dan Vasella and in The Language of Life: DNA and the Revolution in Personalized Medicine by Dr Francis Collins.  She has told her story on all the National TV stations, on websites and spoken before groups to tell her story of the remarkable success the breakthrough in Cancer studies are providing to CML patients. 

Judy is a First Connection volunteer for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society where she encourages people to take charge of their treatment and not let the cancer take charge of them.  She has served on the Oregon Department of Transportation Advisory Committee, The Portland Public Schools Transportation advisory committee and lobbied for school bus safety regulations. She has worked with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Judy twice chaired the Sierra Club National Environmental Education Committee. She has also held several positions at her church including recently on the Health Ministries Committee.  She is the Data Base Secretary for her high school Alum Association.

Judy and her husband enjoy traveling, reading, having their grandchildren nearby and many other things.  The journey overall has been fun.

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