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Panelist: Karen Scott Gledhill
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Karen Scott Gledhill

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Two Time Transplant Recipient
Organ Donation Advocate
Retired Advertising Production Manager

Karen is from Rochester.  She was diagnosed with renal failure at age 25.  Her kidney function was down to 12%.  What a life changing moment.  That is also the year she became an advocate for organ donation.  

When testing her family to be a donor, it was discovered she has a rare disease, Cystinosis.  Her sister Debra also had Cystinosis and impaired kidney function.  At that time, no one in her family could donate to her.  After several years on dialysis, she received her first transplant in 1983. A complete stranger donated a kidney to her.  What a miracle! Her kidney lasted 26 years!  

Her kidney eventually wore out.  A second was needed.  This time, her bother was old enough to donate to her.  In October of 2016, they will be celebrating her 8 yr. anniversary with her brother's kidney and they both are fine. (Karen and her brother, Tom.)

Karen has been married to her husband, Tony, who has kept her healthy all of these years!

Karen has been active with the National Kidney Foundation, Transplant Awareness Organization and Cystinosis Research Network, University of Rochester and Finger Lakes Organ Donor Recovery network.  Her message to you is:   "Sign an Organ Donor card.  Someone gave me life, you can do the same for someone else" 

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