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Panelist: Kathie Quinlan
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Episodes in which Kathie Quinlan appears

Kathie Quinlan, RN, graduated in 1959 from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY with a bachelors degree in Speech Correction (now Pathology) and practiced speech therapy in schools and at home privately for a number of years. In the ensuing years, several very tender and personal deaths instilled in her a desire to care for the dying. In 1979, Kathie entered Monroe Community College's Nursing program where she graduated two years later. While working at the former St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester over the next five years she began efforts, supported by countless others, toward the establishment of Isaiah House. This two-bed home for the dying that Kathie continues to direct has just completed its 19th year. With education as a focus, she regularly is able to address end-of-life issues and concerns in a variety of contexts and this work of her heart grows ever more and more fervent through the years.

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