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Panelist: Kathleen Kelly, MPA
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Executive Director
Family Caregiver Alliance
San Francisco, CA

Kathleen Kelly has been with Family Caregiver Alliance since 1979, and has served as Executive Director since 1990. As Director, she oversees programs of the Bay Area Caregiver Resource Center, which provides direct services to families and providers within the San Francisco Bay Area, the Statewide Resources Consultant, which provides technical assistance and consultation to the statewide system of Caregiver Resource Centers, and the National Center on Caregiving. 

During her tenure with FCA. Ms. Kelly has held seats on a variety of national, state and local advisory committees concerned with long term care and public policy.  Recently, Ms. Kelly has been focusing on the integration of information technologies into the nonprofit sector and in service delivery to FCA's clients with Link2Care, an Internet-based program of direct services to caregivers integrated with the Caregiver Resource Centers and a web-based CRC client record system. She has lectured extensively on family caregiving, long-term care, advocacy, service delivery, information technology and nonprofit management. Ms. Kelly has authored or co-authored numerous articles and chapters on caregiving and information technology. Ms. Kelly holds a Bachelor's degree in Health Science from San Francisco State University and a Master of Public Administration from Golden Gate University.

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