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Panelist: Kathy Natoli
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Episodes in which Kathy Natoli appears

Kathy Natoli is a 37-year-old female who works as an assistant manager for Wegmans Food Markets in Syracuse, NY. Kathy and her husband were together 10 years before they wed. Kathy was married for one year before her and her husband decided to try to conceive a child. They tried actively for one year with no success. She and her husband were referred to an infertility specialist. It was determined at that time their only option was IVF. After two fresh transfers and one frozen transfer Kathy became pregnant with twin girls. At 38 weeks she gave birth to the twins. Three years after the twins were born Kathy and her husband were delighted to hear they were again expecting another baby girl, this time with no fertility specialist needed. Presently the twin girls are 4 years old and the baby is one year old.

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