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Panelist: Kevin McCormick, MD, PhD
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Kevin McCormick, PhD, MD

Medical Director, Geriatrics & Medicine Associates
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Geriatrics
University of Rochester School of Medicine
Rochester, NY

Kevin McCormick M.D., Ph.D. is a faculty member at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. He is the Medical Director of the Geriatrics & Medicine Associates, which provides primary care services for seniors in the greater Rochester area, through Highland Hospital. Dr. McCormick is responsible for medical education involving medical students, residents, and fellows seeking advanced training in Geriatrics. He created the "Care of the Older Patient" course, now required for all interns in the Department of Medicine. While his original field of research was immune function and aging, he is currently involved in projects related to depression in the elderly, doctor-patient communication, and medical education. Dr. McCormick did his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and his graduate work at the Medical College of Virginia where he received an M.S. in gerontology and a Ph.D. for his work on immunosenescence, before completing his medical training.

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