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Panelist: Kim Kachmann-Geltz
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Episodes in which Kim Kachmann-Geltz appears

Patient, Coronary Microvascular Disease
Hilton Head, SC

Kim Kachmann-Geltz earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science, English and Spanish from Indiana University, and a graduate degree in American Studies from Columbia University in New York, New York. After college, she was a legislative assistant to the U.S. Judiciary Committee and two congressmen.
As director of the health care advocacy group, SpeakOutUSA, Kim Kachmann-Geltz interviewed and filmed adults and children with life-threatening health conditions and presented her findings to members of Congress in a nationally-covered hearing on Capitol Hill.
In 1996, Kim joined America Online, Inc. where she was director of AOL International Content & Programming. Kim taught best practices to AOL's joint ventures in South America, Europe, and Pacific Asia. She is a spokesperson for and the American Heart Association. Kim is the author of Welcome to Your MindBody and the upcoming book, The Secret of No Dieting.

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