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Panelist: Laurel C. Milberg, PhD
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Episodes in which Laurel C. Milberg, PhD appears

Behavioral Science and Education Development Director
Forbes Family Practice Residency Program
Pittsburgh, PA

Dr.Milberg is a counseling psychologist, Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine and Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the U. of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, where, for the past 30 years she has developed curricula, trained clinical faculty and fellows and directed core courses in medical interviewing.  Currently, she serves as Education Development Director for the Institute for Doctor-Patient Communication at the U. of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine.  Dr. Milberg is Director of Behavioral Science and Education at the Forbes Family Practice Residency Program, where she trains family physicians in communication skills and therapeutic use of the doctor patient relationship, using Balint groups.  A founding member, past president, and chair of the credentialing coordinating committee of the American Balint Society, Dr Milberg has directed and served as faculty for numerous courses designed to train Balint group leaders all over the US and in the UK.  She has published and co-authored articles on the Balint group method and its leadership skills; teaching family systems through behavioral pediatrics consultations; and faculty development for teaching women's health in a family practice residency program.  A member of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, she has chaired its nominating committee and served as chair for both the Conference on Families and Health and the NE Regional Conference.

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