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Panelist: Lucille King
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Lucille King

Licensed Evangelist
Certified marriage/grief counselor
Proud grandmother of 11 grandchildren

Lucille, the 3rd child of seven, was born in February, 1937, in New Haven Connecticut . After graduation from High School, she moved to NYC where she met her future husband of 50 years, the honorable Roy W King. After marriage, they moved first to Syracuse and later to Rochester in 1964. She has served in many roles as, housewife, active in local and national politics, serving on the Democratic National Committee (replacing Shirley Chisolm when she made her bid for the presidency).  Later, she became a paralegal and served as the office manager for her husband’s law practice for over 30 years. She is a graduate of the Elim Bible Institute. Currently, she is a licensed evangelist in the Church of God In Christ, a certified marriage /grief counselor and the proud grandmother of 11 grandchildren.

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