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Panelist: Mark Lee
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Mark is a 54 year old meteorologist who worked in television for 25 years at TV stations across the country.  In 2004 he took a job in Washington D.C. as a meteorologist at WeatherBug and  a year later, at the age of 48, he weighed 200 pounds and was diagnosed type II Diabetes.  His weight gain stemmed from eating out while at WeatherBug and probably played a big role in getting diabetes. Mark’s doctor immediately put him on Metformin and told him he would have this for life, but not wanting to accept the diagnosis, Mark set out to learn as much as he could about the disease.  He kept a log and checked his blood sugar many times a day learning how different foods affected his body.  One important thing he noticed was after working in the yard, his blood sugar would go down, stay down longer and not come up nearly as fast after a meal.   Finding this interesting, Mark decided to start working out and low and behold, it had a positive effect on his sugar levels.   He then went back to the doctor and together they worked on a one year plan to gradually work off the medication.  During this year, Mark changed his eating habits, continue working out and was 48 pounds lighter at the end of the year.  In the process, he successfully reversed his diabetes and his blood sugar levels have been normal ever since without any medication at all. 

One positive side effect to Marks new lifestyle is he now owns and plays on an adult hockey team where he the oldest person in the league, keeping up with “kids” more than half his age!  Mark says “before being diagnosed with diabetes there would be no way I’d be able to play hockey.  In a strange way, diabetes has been a blessing to me, a second chance on life if you will.  And in the process, it has allowed me to play a sport I love.  What a neat side affect.”

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