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Panelist: Mary Beth Geise, RN
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Mary Beth Geise, RN

Registered Nurse
Founder ALS Care 

Mary Beth Geise, RN discovered in 1982, what would become her life's passion - caring for those with ALS.

In 1986, Mary Beth opened a home health agency in Houston, Texas, specializing in ALS care and advocacy for ALS. She hired and trained nurses, PCAs and volunteers as competent and reliable caregivers. The success of her work garnered attention in the marketplace, and in 1999, Nursefinders, acquired her agency. Her focus then expanded to helping patients and their families all over the US. She has a professional involvement with both MDA and the ALS Association. Since 2003, she has served as Resource Nurse Consultant for ALS-TDI, whose mission is to discover and develop effective treatments for ALS today.

Mary Beth's rare talent is her ability to interact effectively and enthusiastically with all those involved in the ALS experience ... whether she is consulting with one's medical team, speaking to a support group (live or by webcast) or presenting at a medical conference. Mary Beth is at her best - when she is at the bedside of the ALS patient, coping with their family's cares and concerns.  She relishes the challenge of figuring out how to overcome obstacles so all ALS patients and their families can truly LIVE WITH HOPE.

Mary Beth’s unique experience, dedication, and deep commitment to this community of patients and their families have earned her the title "The ALS Nurse".


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