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Panelist: Monica Wright
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Episodes in which Monica Wright appears

Monica has spent most of her adult life and career working with children. Starting as a stay-at-home mother with a family based home daycare to working in childcare center setting. Currently she works fulltime as a program coordinator and a part time group exercise instructor at a local YMCA.
Several winters ago she was treated for chronic bronchitis. After lengthy conversation with her physician, they came to no conclusion as to why she kept getting bronchitis,  It wasn't until Monica was having a casual conversation with her mother that she found out she'd been diagnosed with asthma as a child. Her mother never mentioned it to her because after about age 5, Monica never showed symptoms and her mother assummed it was "cured".
Monica knows her triggers and manages her asthma. She hasn't let it slow her down. She teaches 3 exercise classes a week as well working out on her own.
Her advice to anyone with asthma is learn your triggers and never let it prevent you from doing everything you want.

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