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Panelist: Nancy Scannell
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Breast Cancer Survivor

Nancy Scannel is a devoted, loving (and loved!) wife, mother, and grandmother. She loves to cook, and she is a proponent of peaceful resolutions to conflicts, both here and abroad. She is also a breast cancer survivor and wishes to pass along a message to all those currently facing cancer and those that might in the future:

"When you first get this diagnosis, you are like a deer in headlights, and even more so when you are diagnosed a second time. Due to time and cost constraints, time spent with your doctors may be limited.  It is so important not to let this happen. Find support and resources that will help you to reach out to your doctors. Doctors spend a lot of time talking to each other; they should be talking more with their patients. Building a strong and supportive relationship with your physician is the key to successfully living with your diagnosis"

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