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Panelist: Nora Goldschlager, M.D.
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Episodes in which Nora Goldschlager, M.D. appears

Director, Coronary Care Unit
San Francisco General Hospital, UCSF

Nora Goldschlager, M.D. is the Co-Director of the Cardiology Division, the Director of the Pacemaker Clinic, Coronary Care Unit and Electrocardiography Laboratory at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center.  She is also a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine.  She has authored many books, including a few of the most recent, "Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician" and  "Electrical Therapy for Cardiac Arrhythmias: Pacing, Antitachycardia Devices," and she has published more than 150 articles. Currently a Fellow of the American Heart Association and a member of the Foundation for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Prevention, Dr. Goldschlager is active in numerous editorial boards, associations and boards.  She received her medical degree from New York University School of medicine in New York, New York, where she grew up.  Dr. Goldschlager sites her forthrightness due to her upbringing in NYC as a trait that has served her well in life and in her career-she says straightforwardness in approach always succeeds.  With her father an internist and cardiologist, Dr. Goldschlager always knew she wanted to be a doctor, even though she majored in music and voice in high school and philosophy in college.  Dr. Goldschlager says practicing medicine is a joy because of the challenge and because what she does actually makes people feel better and live longer with enhanced quality of life.

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