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Panelist: Pastor Harley Howard, PhD
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Foundation of Truth Bible Church
Stanton, California

Dr. Harley Howard is the pastor of the Foundation of Truth Bible Church. He is also the producer and host of the television and radio program, "What Saith the Scripture?"  Dr. Howard has published three Bible commentaries (Acts, Hebrews, and First Timothy). He is also a founding board member of the Newport Institute for Ethics, Law, and Public Policy in Newport Beach, California; a non-profit organization dedicated to scholarship and education regarding vital issues of public life. Dr. Howard has suffered from the debilitating effects of obstructive sleep apnea for over 20 years.  After receiving treatment in 2001, he has become dedicated in spreading the word about the dangers of sleep apnea.  He is a staunch advocate for the need of testing and treatment for sleep apnea.

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