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Panelist: Peter Suess
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Peter Suess

Episodes in which Peter Suess appears

Pancreatic Cancer patient

Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in August 2009, Peter Suess has beaten the odds. The statistics indicate that the chance of living 5 years after the diagnosis is 6%. He has had two surgeries, four rounds of Chemotherapy, Radiation, 2 Radio Frequency Ablations and too many CT and PET scans to count. His latest problem occurred in May 2015 and he is headed again towards beating it.

He has become a spokesperson for the local chapter of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and The American Cancer Society. His efforts have been focused on fund raising activities and community outreach for both organizations and has made numerous public appearances in the past few years.

Peter and his wife Martha have lived in San Antonio Texas for over 30 years. Peter and Martha were high school sweethearts in Kansas City and both graduated from The University of Kansas.  Peter is a retired Manufacturer’s Representative. His son says “Dad has never met an ear he didn’t like”.

Peter draws strength from his faith, his 3 loving children, their wonderful spouses, 7 amazing grandchildren, numerous very caring members of his extended family, many supportive friends and an outstanding team of medical professionals.

Peter wants cancer patients and their caretakers to know there is a large community of support available to them. Research is making great strides in early detection and treatment options for all cancers. Living with cancer does not have to stop anyone from a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

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