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Panelist: Rick Botelho, MD
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Professor of Family Medicine
University of Rochester Medical Center
Author, “Motivate Healthy Habits”

Dr. Rick Botelho has developed a blend of learning methods (online programs, workshops, telephonic sessions, etc) for training the general public, lay health guides and health care practitioners about motivating healthy habits. He also works with organizations and their leaders to create synergistic, top-down and bottom-up approaches that promote healthy habits, both inside and outside of organizations. Dr. Botelho looks for opportunities to work outcome researchers in evaluating complex process innovations.

Dr. Botelho is a family physician (25-years in practice), process researcher, trainer (online/offline) and motivational guide. After graduating from Nottingham Medical School (1972-1977) and completing his vocational training in general practice in England, he moved to the U.S.A. in 1982 and became a Board-certified family physician. He has been a Professor of Family Medicine and Nursing at the University of Rochester, New York since 2001. Dr. Botelho has given presentations on motivating health behavior change in over 16 countries.

Read more about Dr. Botelho’s background and his fascination with resistant behavior at

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