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Panelist: Roy King
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Honorable Roy W. King

Episodes in which Roy King appears

Retired Judge
Rochester City Court and Rochester Drug Treatment Court
Rochester, New York

Judge Roy King had recently been elected to the City Court Bench of Rochester when he was hit by a heart attack.

“I was sitting and waiting for a client,” Roy says, “when I started sweating profusely and overheating. I had read about the symptoms of a heart attack. So I called my daughter, who is an M.D.”

At Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY, doctors discovered Roy had two clogged arteries. He was transferred to Strong Memorial Hospital, where he received an angioplasty to clear those arteries. Soon after that, he began a rehab program at Highland.

Through the rehab program and his own efforts, Roy began to change his lifestyle. Part of that was exercise. But for Roy, it also meant a major change in what he would eat each day.

"Exercise was not unusual for me,” Roy says. “The problem was what I was eating. I love cakes and sweets!” He began cutting back on sweets, reading labels, and being more cognizant of the fats in his diet.

Roy exercises at the three times each week—usually for 1 ½ hours at each visit and never for less than 45 minutes. He talks about the importance of “maintaining” himself, his body, and a healthy lifestyle. “Once you’ve gone through a heart attack,” Roy says, “you start appreciating things in life, the value of maintaining a healthy body. When I leave the office, I tell my secretary, ‘I’m going to maintain.’”


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