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Panelist: Ruta Sankalis-Biteman
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Ruta Sankalis-Biteman

Episodes in which Ruta Sankalis-Biteman appears

Endometriosis Patient

Born and brought up in a working  - class neighborhood of West Seattle, Ruta was raised by Latvian immigrant parents and grandparents.  Early aspirations of travel, design, architecture and espionage were set aside when her innate ability for cooking and catering blossomed into a successful business.  By her mid-twenties Ruta had opened a catering business specializing in high-end yacht charters, a large reception hall for events, and a small cafe coffee bar. During her 30's Ruta's focus pivoted to health and family.  After the birth of her son, she kept her foot in the culinary field as well as dabbled in a few of her original career interests.  

Currently, Ruta is in the hospitality vacation business.  With the philosophy that vacation and family-time are extremely precious, and recognizing that these moments are typically pinnacle points in one's life-memories, Ruta focuses every effort to unsure her clients' experiences are the most memorable possible.  

Passionate about life and all the possibilities, she is frequently adding to her bucket list and is always excited about what's around the corner.  To Ruta, life is like a big buffet.  Who says you have to choose just one thing?  If life throws you lemons.... make Limoncello!  There are so many things that make Ruta tick and fulfill her.  She sees this in other people and to her, there is nothing more satisfying  than to inspire and help others fulfill their goals and find those hidden strengths, talents, and realize those.   Ruta knows there is always more to learn.... knowledge is empowering.  

And as part of this philosophy, she knows that sharing her knowledge and informing both women and men about something that is so widely misunderstood, Endometriosis. Ruta hopes that others will recognize their symptoms and seek the proper care, and thus, will be able to live a more productive, informed and empowered life.

One of my favorite quotes: "It's never too late to be what you might have been"   *George Eliot

Dislikes: beige, spiders, bad food, fear

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