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Panelist: Samuel J. Mann, MD
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Samuel J. Mann, MD

Professor of Clinical Medicine,
NY Presbyterian Hospital- Weill Cornell Medical Center
Author, Hypertension and You 

I am a physician and researcher specializing in the management of hypertension. I am the author of many scientific articles, book chapters, and 2 books. My focus is on improving the management of hypertension by getting patients onto the drugs, combinations and dosages that are right for them. Different patients need different medications depending on what is driving their hypertension.  My particular interests are the treatment of resistant hypertension and paroxysmal (episodic) hypertension.

I present a very understandable look at the medications in my recent book, Hypertension and You; Old Drugs, New Drugs, and the Right Drugs for your High Blood Pressure (Rowman & Littlefiled, 2012, available on Amazon). The book explains what is wrong with how the drugs are prescribed (often including overtreatment), and what individuals on drug therapy need to know to get it right and to be able to discuss their medication options with their physician.  The book’s perspective is that millions of people treated for hypertension are on the wrong medications or doses or combinations, with the result of inadequate blood pressure control, avoidable side effects, or both. We can do much better with the many effective drugs that we have. The book will be informative to patients and physicians, and hopefully will help readers achieve better outcomes.

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