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Panelist: Siri Hustvedt, PhD
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Siri Hustvedt, PhD

Episodes in which Siri Hustvedt, PhD appears

Novelist & Essayist
“The Shaking Woman or The History of My Nerves”

Hustvedt has had migraines and their accompanying auras since childhood and has long been fascinated by psychoanalysis, neurology, and psychiatry. In recent years, with the explosion of research on the brain, she has become increasingly absorbed by neuroscience. She began attending the neuroscience lectures at The New York Psychoanalytic Institute in New York and was subsequently invited by Mark Solms to attend the Mortimer Ostow Neuropsychoanalysis Discussion Group, which she attended for two years until the group was disbanded after Ostow’s death in 2006. She also began volunteering as a writing instructor for psychiatric in-patients at The Payne Whitney Clinic at New York Hospital. In 2008, she contributed three short essays to a Migraine blog for The New York Times on line. She is now a member of a neuropsychoanalysis group led by Maggie Zellner that meets every other week at Rockefeller University. In 2004, she developed a seizure disorder, which is the subject of her book: The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves. This neurological memoir is both a personal account of Hustvedt’s experience as a patient and an exploration of the ambiguities of diagnosis through the lenses of medical history, neurology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and philosophy.

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