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Panelist: Srinivasan Pillay, MD
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Srinivasan Pillay, MD

Episodes in which Srinivasan Pillay, MD appears

Psychiatrist and Anxiety Disorder Specialist
McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Executive Coach
CEO, NeuroBusiness Group

Dr. Pillay is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  He is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  After completing medical school in his native country of South Africa as the top medical student, he graduated from the McLean Hospital Psychiatry Residency Training Program as the top award winner at Harvard and one of the top three award winners in the US.  In addition to being the former “Director of The Outpatient Anxiety Disorders Program” at Mclean, he has been a funded brain-imaging researcher for 15 years.  He is now in private practice in Cambridge, MA and is a pioneer in the field of “Neurocoaching”.  As the CEO of NeuroBusiness Group he is highly sought-after for consultation on leadership, change management, burnout, layoffs and stress-management in small and large corporations.  He is “Chief Neurocoaching Advisor” to the International Board of Coaching and works with executives and coaches at all levels internationally.  Contracts for two of his books have been acquired in the past 18 months:  Rodale has acquired the rights to “A Life Unlocked: Eight Essential Lessons on the Science of Overcoming Fear” and Wharton Publishing has acquired the rights to “A Winning Brain:  A Brain-Based Guide to Boosting Leadership Potential”.   Dr. Pillay is a motivational speaker whose mission it is to partner with coaches internationally to enhance an understanding of brain-based behavior to bring real change to peoples’ lives.

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