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Panelist: Stanley J. Schaffer, MD
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Stanley J. Schaffer, MD

Episodes in which Stanley J. Schaffer, MD appears

Associate Professor of Pediatrics
University of Rochester Medical Center 

Dr. Schaffer is a primary care pediatrician who enjoys following children as they grow from infancy to childhood to adolescence to adulthood. He has been privileged to have interacted with some families for as much as to 24 years, being a part of their lives over multiple generations. Dr. Schaffer likes forging close relationships with his patients which endure as they grow and develop.

Dr. Schaffer is also a nationally-known expert about lead poisoning, and he heads the Rochester office of the Western New York Lead Poisoning Resource Center, which coordinates treatment for children with significant lead poisoning and works closely with county health departments, clinicians, community groups and others in our area to help identify children with lead poisoning, educate the public about this preventable condition, and assist families who are forced to deal with the adverse effects of lead poisoning.

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