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Panelist: Sue Willer
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Episodes in which Sue Willer appears

Registered Nurse
Osteoporosis Patient

Sue Willer has been a Registered Nurse since 1976. She has worked with senior citizens since 1992 and currently works for Strong Health at the Highlands at Pittsford, in Rochester, New York, as the Nurse Coordinator for independent living apartments and cottage homes.  Since being diagnosed with osteoporosis her life has changed in several ways: she is more aware of keeping calcium-rich foods in her diet since she is not a milk drinker (she eats yogurt and cottage cheese, and of course, now that OJ is fortified with calcium, that is a huge help to her 2.) she is aware of her risk for fractures from a fall and is more aware of her surroundings (i.e.: uneven pavement, etc.)  3.) she wears only  "sensible shoes", no high heels,  only flat or wedge shoes!! 4.) she is more aware of the power of daily walking and weight bearing exercise to keep her strong and fit, and has recently started a "balance ball " exercise program for overall conditioning.

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