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Panelist: Suzanne Mintz
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President and Co-founder
National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA)
Kensington, MD

Suzanne Mintz is a social entrepreneur. She took a personal experience, her husband's diagnosis of MS and its ensuing impact on their lives, and built a national organization to improve the lives of family caregivers, the National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA). She has transformed the lens through which healthcare professionals, public policy makers, the media and the general public view family caregiving and has empowered hundreds of thousands of individual family caregivers to take charge of their own lives and speak up on behalf of themselves and their loved ones.

Ms. Mintz is currently president of the organization she co-founded 15 years ago as the only national organization for all family caregivers, regardless of their loved one's age or diagnosis.  She recognized early in this journey that the impact of family caregiving goes beyond individual families and has become a national healthcare and social policy issue.  Suzanne has testified before Congress and is often quoted by the national press.

In 2006 she was one of 15 winners, out of an initial pool of 1,200 for the first-ever Purpose Prize, a national award for Americans 60 and above who are leading a new age of social innovation. Suzanne is also the 2004 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Eli Lilly Welcome Back initiative.

Her latest book, A Family Caregiver Speaks Up: It Doesn't Have to be This Hard is full of advice for family caregivers, tips for interacting with the healthcare system to better meet the needs of families dealing with chronic illness, and a cogent presentation of how public policy has a profound effect on even the most intimate details of life in caregiving families.  In addition to her book Suzanne is the author of numerous articles and educational pamphlets.

Ms. Mintz is on the board of the National Health Council, the Board of Governors of the National Patient Safety Foundation, Advisory Board of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease and serves as an advisor to numerous other projects and committees.

Suzanne holds a bachelors degree in English from Queens College University of the City of New York and a master's degree in human ecology from the University of Maryland.

She lives in Kensington MD with her husband Steven and their cat KC.

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