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Panelist: Sybil Carlson
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Sybil Carlson

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Advocate for better vaccination research
San Diego, CA

Sybil is an art educator who currently stays home to raise her two young boys. She taught Middle School art for five years in Plano, Texas. As a Middle School teacher she participated in a district-wide interdisciplinary curriculum project. She worked with other teachers and administrators in the district to develop a core subject area curriculum using the principles of brain-based learning. While teaching, she completed her master's degree in art education at the University of North Texas. After completing her Master's Degree she was awarded the Marcus Fellowship and began work on her PhD in Art Education while teaching several courses at the university.

As a parent of two young boys Sybil is passionate about their health. She spends a great deal of time researching every vaccine recommended for her children and has become an advocate for vaccine safety. While recognizing the value of vaccines she feels very strongly that additional research is needed to develop the safest and most effective vaccine program for all children.

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