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Panelist: T. Colin Campbell, PhD
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T. Colin Campbell, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Cornell, University
Co-Author, The China Study 

T. Colin Campbell, PhD, has had a long career in biomedical research, mostly at Cornell University where he now holds the position of Jacob Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry.

His research concerned the effect of food on health, beginning with a focus on cancer but extending to the broad spectrum of human health and disease conditions. His research involved experimental studies both in the laboratory and in human studies, the most notable being a nationwide, in-depth survey of the dietary and environmental causes of disease in rural China. About twenty years of his career also included his membership on several national and international expert panels responsible for producing food and health policy reports. His research findings, undertaken with many students and colleagues, were published in more than 300 scientific publications, most of which were in professional peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Campbell obtained his undergraduate training at Penn State and his graduate training (MS, PhD) at Cornell University in nutritional biochemistry. Since taking his professor emeritus position, he has published two major books, The China Study (2005, co-authored with Tom Campbell, MD, more than a million copies sold) and Whole (2013, a New York Times Best Seller). He currently lectures extensively, mostly to medical schools and conferences. In recent years, he founded the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, in partnership with the online program at Cornell University, now with Thomas Campbell II, MD, being the Executive Director.

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