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Panelist: Tracey Conway
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Episodes in which Tracey Conway appears

Actress / Speaker
Collapsed Due to Arrhythmia

Actress, comedienne and writer Tracey Conway, best known from the popular Seattle TV comedy, Almost Live! now spends most of her stage time sharing the story of the night she literally died on stage, a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  A classically trained theatre actress with an MFA in Drama from the University of Southern California, Conway has performed in many theatre productions, and over a decade on television and independent feature films.  In 1995, during a live taping of her comedy series, Conway suddenly collapsed on the set. Members of the audience, colleagues, fire-fighters and EMS professionals participated in her emergency resuscitation that ultimately returned Conway to life. Audiences continue to be affected by her powerful and unique story, Drop Dead Gorgeous, as Conway travels internationally sharing the lessons she learned in those literally heart-stopping moments, not only about avoiding heart disease and living with a chronic disease, but also what she has come to value in life given a very rare second chance.   When not on the speaking platform for her company Tracey Conway Speaking, Inc.,, Conway continues to enjoy a variety of acting roles in the Pacific Northwest, and resides with her Siberian Husky, Lulu, in Seattle.

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